10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Me {Mckenna Rose Photography}

For this week’s post, I wanted to do something a little bit fun and allow y’all to get to know me. But not like, surface level fluff. I wanted you to see some of the lesser-known quirks of mine! Honestly, the more you know about ME, the more comfortable you will feel sharing about YOU! And when we trust each other like that, then that’s when amazing photos can happen!! So let’s get to it!

1. When I’m alone in the car, I’m belting out showtunes.

I spent 4 years in NYC pursuing a musical theater career after training at a conservatory there in the city. I eventually decided it wasn’t the future I wanted and came back home but my heart still sings showtunes. Although…. if I need a switchup it’s always country (but my favorites are always those low-voice male country singers, so that makes it a little harder to sing along to!)

2. My husband and I met on Tinder.

We are actually complete opposites. We used to always say we are going for the same goal but coming at it from opposite angles.


3. I LOVE a good, hot steamy bath!

Seems like the best place to be where I can’t be interrupted. I’m notorious for taking my phone or laptop in with me and it freaks everyone out. I have purchased more bath caddys than I like to admit. Always looking for the best one that fits the wide tub and has the perfect compartments. Also, a bath is not a bath unless its longer than 30 minutes, just saying. 

4. I also love pink icing cookies, Skittles, fruit water from soda flow and my husband has gotten me addicted to coke.


5. I binge watch drama tv shows like Jane the Virgin.

I also rewatch Friends and the Office and can never get sick of them! 

6. Naps are my favorite

but only if they are 3 hours long. I don’t know how to take a 20 minute nap and when I have tried I barely have fallen asleep and the alarm goes off. Then I’m just grumpy. Pretty sure they should outlaw wake up alarms. 

7. As far as food quirks go,

I like ketchup on my eggs. And left-over roast beef sandwiches with mayo and ketchup. I think cold pizza is better than warm pizza. I don’t mind mix-match dinners. My husband hates it but I could eat Indian food leftovers and then half a burger and then a small left-over portion of chicken pasta, and it’s a great dinner to me! My husband can’t eat things that ‘don’t go together.’

8. If I weren’t a photographer,

I would teach teens and adults how to increase their self confidence through singing. I still feel like I’m my full self when I’m singing. 

9. If I could describe my ideal date

(hubby, take note!) – I don’t want to have to make any decisions. I want it all planned out for me. Nothing that requires me to be super athletic or physically active, because I suck at those things and feel super self-conscious about all that. I enjoy good movies that are either clean, funny, or thought/emotion provoking and uplifting. A cooking class could be fun or something like Top Golf. Basically I like laid-back, relaxing but fully planned dates….not a contradiction, at all, right?


Ferris wheel. I’m not a super interesting person (though maybe this post is proving that wrong). I’m a closet romantic, I love breathtaking views, and I like the silence you find when you get high above the ground.


So – did you learn something new about me? Did anything surprise you? Or can you totally relate to any of these? If so, I want to hear about it!


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