21 Facts about McKenna

1. I was made for the theatre/movies and the magic of getting lost in someone else’s story.

2. I depend on spellcheck and calculators daily and my step-kids have to help me with basic math frequently

3. I could live on frosted sugar cookies and Jamba Juice

4. I believe a marriage is a miracle that a couple chooses to re-create and add to everyday

5. I believe one voice is enough to change the world.

6. I believe babies laughter is magical

7. I love lists and planners. I have lists for my lists, just kidding

8. I thrive on embarrassing drama TV like Jane The Virgin & This Is Us

9. If I could be a florist, wedding planner, videographer, baker, decorator, AND photographer all in one, I would. I love all things wedding

10. I believe that all true beauty lies in imperfection.

11. Photographing weddings is my heart but I also love to photography families, maternity, special occasion (baptism, Graduation etc)

12. The sight and sound of waves washing up on an evening beach is the epitome of relaxation to me. While in Utah I settle for the next best thing, steaming hot tub with bubbles, and a recording of said waves, of course!

13. I believe homemade, sentimental gifts are always better

14. I planned my own wedding 20+ times before I got engaged

15. Being a step-mom and mother is the hardest, and best thing I have ever done

16. I hate pants. I live in skirts and dresses

17. I believe all people deserve to be loved, fiercely, intentionally and graciously

18. I believe music has a unique power to change the world

19. I met my Husband at 28 on Tinder

20. I believe in falling in love, over and over. Every. Single. Day

21. I always have at least 10 tabs open on my computer and phone. I am a curious information seeking person with a memory the size of a pea. 

My Process

01- Let’s connect

You scheduled your consultation call with me and I learned all about how amazing you and your fiance are and how perfect the vision of your wedding day is! I create a customized wedding package for you, email over a booking proposal and once that is signed and taken care of your wedding date is officially on my calendar! YAY!!! 

and then….. 

02- Engagements

We have already been chatting via text and email all about your engagements, so we are all sorts of ready when the day arrives! I start by giving you all my secrets that help you relax, have fun and spend 1.5 hours nuzzling and laughing together. You receive these images within 5-7 business days after the shoot in a beautiful online gallery inside your client portal.  Things start to feel very real when you get your engagements photos back, 

but don’t worry the fun continues…

03- Bridals

Imagine walking slowly toward your fiance. Both of you thinking about all that has led to this moment. He waits for that tap on the shoulder to turn around and see his future wife, companion and best friend!! It truly is a forever moment! First look bridals are magical, and when the hustle and bustle of the wedding day arrives you can focus on those that came to support you.   

and now the day is here …. 

04- Wedding day

Your day is here! We have basically become bffs at this point and witnessing you both get married is an honor! About a month before your day I will send you a questionnaire finalizing every detail from wedding day schedule to what family photos we are taking, so you have NADA to worry about! Not even family photos, I like to make this part of the day everyones favorite!

It will just be a magical blur of love, support and celebration! 

05- Gallery & album

Its been about 10-15 business days since your beautiful wedding day and your photos are READY!!! Your online gallery will be full of hundreds and hundreds of photos! It can be quite a fun date night to sit down together and go through each one, reliving every meaningful moment, and even seeing some you might not have remembered! 

Having an album to hold in your hand, to physically share with your grandparents and future children is a priceless keepsake! Whether you have added an album to your customized package or not, I like to make an album design not too long after your wedding gallery has been delivered. This is an online example of what your printed album would look like.

06- Keeping in touch

I really can’t explain in words how much I get attached to my couples! The end of your wedding day is bittersweet for me! So I have created ways for us to stay in touch. You will already be included in my private M.ROSE Bride Facebook group where you can share all the fun of being a newlywed! I love creating get-togethers either to enjoy some yummy treats, reconnect over marriage stories, learn about marriage tips and even special anniversary days where we can capture the even deeper magic between you two and update that photo gallery.  

Afterall, we became friends and friends should keep seeing each other! 


I'd love to learn about your vision!