Ogden Maternity Photo Shoot | Mina & Elton & Twin Boys

Nothing is a bigger compliment than when my brides and grooms contact me after their wedding to take photos of the next big moment in their life. Mina and Elton contacted me because they were pregnant with not just 1 but 2 babies! I was ecstatic! These sweet twins were honeymoon babies and they couldn’t

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For Brides & Grooms

12 Tips for Planning Your Wedding

1. PLAN AHEAD Weddings can be really stressful, but most of that can be avoided just by planning ahead. With photography, in particular, make sure that you start planning your sessions more than the week before. I want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect and the more we can plan ahead the easier that

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First Look Couple Bridals

Squaw Peak, Provo Canyon | First Look Bridal Photos | Lisa & Sean

Ready for a story??? My wonderful bride wanted mountains & wild flowers. It was right after spring flowers had bloomed & gone & the mountain blooms had not begun. Finally (with help) I found the perfect location! Squaw peak! Bride happy? – check. Then it began to rain. I saw the rain cloud and I

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Provo Castle & Orchard Engagements | Lisa & Sean

There was a funny theme that ran through all the pre-wedding day photo moments for Lisa and Sean – rain. We considered rescheduling but the weather report wasn’t scary enough so we decided to keep things as planned. When we showed up at the castle it was a beautiful day and the sky didn’t look

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For Brides & Grooms

The history behind the Wedding Traditions

There are so many wedding traditions that we see at every wedding. Some couples add their own special ones or tweak the traditional ones to make them more unique to that couple, but you might find it odd to find out some of the traditions origins and histories. 1. BRIDESMAIDS   Did you ever wonder

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