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MRP Favorites: Top Utah Wedding Vendors

I cannot WAIT to share some of my favorite Top Utah Wedding Vendors with you today! Obviously I feel strongly about hiring a wedding photographer you love, but I also know that it takes a whole TEAM to make your dream wedding come true! Ultimately, us wedding vendors want to serve our couples as best

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For Photographers

For All Creatives: 7 Things You Should Be Doing to Avoid Burnout

Being a creative comes with both blessings and curses. I think most artist would agree that it can be taxing, at times, to run your own business, put your whole heart and soul into your work, and keep producing art that you’re proud of. Sometimes as a photographer we can feel uninspired by our own

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For Brides & Grooms

What Kind of Couples LOVE working with MRP

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I am the perfect wedding photographer for EVERY couple out there – or even every couple in Utah! I am being honest when I say that I want you to 100% LOVE your wedding photographer. In most cases, you will be with ME more on

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Tips and Advice

For Newlyweds: 5 Ways to Make Combining Holiday Traditions Fun and Easy

For Newlyweds: 5 Ways to Make Combining Holiday Traditions Fun and Easy   It’s your first year of marriage. You guys are still in the “honeymoon” phase. You’re figuring out how to live together, share dish-duty, put the toilet seat down, still have date night and keep the love alive. You’re also learning how to

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Photo Collective Studios Engagements | Cherisa + Ryan

I absolutely love when my couples want to do something a little bit different for their engagement session. Cherisa and Ryan decided to take their shoot indoors, and it was a blast to make magic happen in the studio! It was basically a party…complete with paper hearts, confetti, cute signs and decorations, and a WHOOOOOLE

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Vendor Highlights

MRP Favorites: Rebecca M. Creative

Mckenna Rose Photography: Our Favorite Vendors Rebecca M. Creative Producer, Art Director, Social Media & Content Manager All in One Boss Babe First of all, I want to take just a second to share a few thoughts from Rebecca on what her role is in a creative production, and why photographers – or anyone trying

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