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MRP Favorites: Holden Films

Here at Mckenna Rose Photography, we know that the ultimate goal on a wedding day is serving our clients and loving them well. One of the ways that we do this is by working with the entire TEAM of vendors our couples have hired to make everything go smoothly! We have had the pleasure of working

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Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah| Ciarin + Jordan Engagements

Ciarin and Jordan met the way that more and more couples are starting to find their soulmate: online! After swiping right for one another, they then dated for 2 years, which included six months apart due to a deployment. Their first date was hiking Adams Canyon. They were having such a great time that Ciarin

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For Photographers

For Photographers: Wedding Day Survival Kit

The Wedding Day Survival Kit For Wedding Photographers Us wedding photographers? We all know how rough a wedding day can be on our bodies. We even have a term for it: It’s called the Wedding Day Hangover. And that has nothing to do with alcohol intake and everything to do with how BEAT UP we

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For Brides & Grooms

For Brides: Choosing a Wedding Photographer That’s Good With Families

Choosing a Photographer That’s Good With Families We know, we know – we love all those romantic bride and groom portraits just as much as you do! Trust me, they are important. But imagine, for a second, that you have just finished saying your vows to your husband, have just walked back down the aisle – this

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how to honor your newlywed wife on her first mother's day
For Brides & Grooms

For Grooms: Honoring Your Newlywed Wife on Mother’s Day

To my Mckenna Rose Grooms, I see you, too. I haven’t forgotten about you. I know there is a lot of pressure for you to remember #alltheholidays and celebrate #allthethings – especially during the first year of marriage. With Mother’s Day coming up, maybe you’re not sure the best way to honor your wife. If

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