Photo Collective Studios | Engagements | Cherisa + Ryan

I absolutely love when my couples want to do something a little bit different for their engagement session. Cherisa and Ryan decided to take their shoot indoors, and it was a blast to make magic happen in the studio! It was basically a party…complete with paper hearts, confetti, cute signs and decorations, and a WHOOOOOLE lot of chemistry! Seriously, these two were heating up the whole room!! And I was loving every minute of it.

Cherisa and Ryan met online. Cherisa says what she remembers most about their first “real,” in-person date was that Ryan was super nervous, and kept blushing. Their first date was to the LDS Priesthood session of General Conference. They became “official” only a week later, and have been together ever since. Cherisa has relied on prayer and personal revelation to determine if a guy is right for her, and she says that Ryan was the first guy she didn’t get a “No” from the spirit. She felt immediately that meant they might have a future together. Apparently she was SO right.

Ryan must have felt the same way and received similar promptings, because less than a year later, he was down on one knee proposing. Cherisa said, “I knew he was going to propose, he’s not sneaky at all – but it just hit me that it was all real, and I was just so overwhelmingly happy and excited to be with this man forever….I’m mostly just excited to officially be tied to Ryan. I could skip the whole ‘wedding’ thing and be just fine, as long as I got to be with him.”

These two know what’s most important: being together. I loved our time in studio, and feel like these fun and bright and cheerful photos really capture their personalities and their relationship! So what do you think – should we sneak confetti into their wedding too? 🙂

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