Manti Temple | Wedding Day | Cherisa + Ryan

We all already know just how fun Cherisa and Ryan are together – I mean, have you seen a more creative and sweet engagement session than their indoor-studio session? And, more recently, their bridals at the International Peace Garden. They both had the more tender reaction to seeing each other in their wedding attire, and I knew that feeling would still be there on their wedding day.

Cherisa and Ryan decided to get married at the beautiful Manti, Utah LDS Temple. This temple is old and elegant, and reminds me of a castle! Cherisa seemed to have gotten a fairytale wedding there! When they came out to greet their friends and family after the sealing, they were beaming with excitement and joy.

That night at their reception, their excitement with shared with everyone, and a real party ensued. Dancing, messy cake-cutting, and so much laughter abounded. Despite admitting that, “Music is kind of a weird one for us…we’ll like certain songs that each other likes, but mostly just tolerate each other’s preferences,” they both had a great time out on the dance floor!

I love asking my couples questions about each other to not only get to know them better, but to also give THEM the opportunity to think about, and put into words, why they fell in love with each other. And why they know it’s going to LAST. Here are some of Cherisa and Ryan’s answers about each other!

“Ryan is a man I feel that I can trust 100%. I trust him with everything I say and do, and I just feel completely confident trusting him. Ryan makes me feel safe, wanted, and loved. When I’m with him I feel good about our future together, and have a lot of hope.”

“She makes me smile, I feel comfortable around her and I can be myself, fun and exciting, I love being with her. he makes me feel wanted, be myself, loved wanted. When I’m with her I feel everything with be okay and we will have a good life together.”

And of course, one of the best parts about getting married, “I’m most excited to just be able to come home to him every day. To wake up with him, go to sleep with him, make decisions with him, fight with him, and everything! I’m excited to have a partner I can rely on.”

I am so excited for these two, and so happy that I got to be a part of this fun time in their lives – I can’t wait to see their future!

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