Chantilly Mansion Wedding Day | Wedding Day | Ciarin + Jordan

I had been waiting to photograph Ciarin and Jordan again ever since their winter engagements at Jordan Pines . They were such a joy to photograph and just to be around, and I knew their wedding day was going to be a special one! They were surrounded by the sweetest friends and family, and I was honored to be among them that day! Not only did I get to meet the most important people in their lives, but I also got to meet their adorable puppy, Freya, who even got the chance to walk down the aisle before Ciarin did!

I loved photographing their getting ready portraits, their ceremony, and their bride and groom portraits on the beautiful grounds of Chantilly Mansion in Layton, Utah. It was the perfect backdrop for their wedding. Some of my favorite moments of the day included Ciarin’s dance with her father and Jordan’s dance with his mother, Ciarin tossing her bridal bouquet off the balcony of the second floor, and sending these two off to their honeymoon through a tunnel of sparklers!

I’m convinced that Jordan and Ciarin are going to last. Jordan mentioned to me that he moved around a lot throughout his life because of the military, and it often made him feel lonely. Now he gets to experience traveling, hiking, going to the gym, and all his other favorite things to do with Ciarin and never be lonely again! Ciarin loves that Jordan is attentive, good with her family and of course their little puppy, and knows that one day he will make an amazing father. Ciarin also remarked that Jordan never fails to make her laugh each and every day – and Jordan agreed, and promised that he would only get funnier with age 😉 But what I found most indicative of their relationship was that both of them commented on how the other one allows them to be the very best version of themselves. Both of them make the other one better in every way. Ciarin said it best, “When I am with him, I am the most myself.” To me, this is the mark of a forever relationship!! Ciarin and Jordan, you two are amazing together and I’m so happy to have witnessed a small piece of your heaven.


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