For Photographers: Wedding Day Survival Kit

The Wedding Day Survival Kit

For Wedding Photographers

Us wedding photographers? We all know how rough a wedding day can be on our bodies. We even have a term for it: It’s called the Wedding Day Hangover. And that has nothing to do with alcohol intake and everything to do with how BEAT UP we feel the day after shooting a full wedding. Our bodies ache, our brain is mush. There are so many elements thrown our way on a wedding day, it’s no wonder! Today we’ve rounded up some of the BARE essentials that every wedding photographer needs to have in their bag on a wedding day. These are things that will help keep you working at your fullest capacity during the wedding day, and also minimize your recovery time after the wedding day!


Bobby Pins

For those stubborn fly-aways or the bangs that keep falling in front of your eyes. Also useful for the bride, mother of the bride, or bridesmaids!

Electrolyte Tablets

If you shoot weddings in particularly hot locations, you might want to consider not only drinking extra water, but adding electrolytes to it! This will keep your energy levels up and your dehydration risk down. I’m linking to an easily-found brand that you just toss in your water bottle and go!


Often times we are posing our families + couples in the shade, but that means we are left standing out in the sun! Don’t add a sunburn to the list of things you need to recover from. I’m linking to a safe, chemical-free sunscreen you should be carrying with you!

Safety Pins

Once again, either for you OR a member of the bridal party. Either way, everyone will be glad you thought of it.


This one is probably the most important one to me!! On a wedding day, sometimes you NEVER KNOW when you’ll be eating again next. Sometimes the only chance you get is one free minute in between location changes and you’re eating on the fly. I grab Cliff bars or Larabars for my bag because they’re quick and give me a boost of energy!


Hot weather and dehydration are also common ailments of a wedding day. This will wreak havoc on your lips! Especially with all the talking you have to do. Fight back with your favorite brand of chapstick. 


No one likes getting stuck with no deodorant after it’s already too late. As a photographer, there are times you are all UP in the bride and groom’s business. You don’t want to kill their moment with any bad odor. Bonus: If you get the sprayable kind like this, you can share with any one else who forgot theirs without sharing the bacteria that comes along with the territory.

Bug Spray

Depending on where you’re shooting for the day, this may or may not be necessary. But it’s something that might sneak up on you so it’s best just to toss a small bottle like this in your bag so you never have to worry.

A few other items

Lastly, a few items you DON’T want to forget: water bottle (for real. Do not forget this), ibuprofen (for those back strains, headaches, or other unexpected aches you have to push through), band-aids (surprise blisters, anyone?), pony tail holders, and a sewing kit (you’ll be that bridesmaid’s hero, trust me).

Was there anything I missed that YOU include in your emergency wedding photographer kit? I want to hear! Drop a comment below!