Garden Park Ward Traditional Bridals | Diana

I’m truly the luckiest person. I have the best job.

I get to meet people like Diana! She contacted me wanting some bridal and portrait photos. She has a fun story. She met her husband online (90% of my couples meet via online or on an app) and when he read her city as Riverton he was thinking Riverton Colorado not Riverton Utah. They hit it off well enough to make the trip and meet up. Their first date went great and Diana was feeling excited about the potential. But then she didn’t hear from her future husband for days. Later he told her he was testing her to make sure she was really interested and the distance wasn’t going to be too much for them.

Well they fell in love and planned their wedding, not once but twice. Between a health emergency and a hurricane both wedding plans were interrupted. So what do you do when you aren’t gonna let the world or life get in the way of you getting married? You get in a fancy dress and head to Vegas. I love the fearless commitment to each other in their story and it was an absolute treat to spend an evening photographing Diana. Her sweet husband teases her by calling her a runaway bride so we had to add some photos of her in her white keds running away but also running back!  

You’ll notice that Diana is breathtakingly gorgeous. She is elegant and graceful and a perfect example of feminity. I aspire to speak, move and embody these beautiful traits just like she does!

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