Heritage Park Traditional Bridals | Geena

Bridals are so much fun because it’s basically just a big girls night! Geena is such an easy going chill bride and when she showed up at Heritage Park in her gorgeous ballgown wedding dress I was so excited! She told me she was so excited for Patrick to see her in her dress and I knew why. We didn’t need acres and acres of area to work with because Geena is so breathtaking and easy to photograph. She brought her mother and one of her bridesmaids and we all just had so much fun racing the weather as it was supposed to rain. Luckily we didn’t get a sprinkle until we finished the shoot.

Although Geena is not one to yearn the spotlight, boy did she have it during her bridal session. I have found that those who are self-proclaimed “shy” people exude a quiet confidence in their photos, and Geena is no exception. Look at how gorgeous she is!

Her gown’s stunning beaded bodice, billowing veil, topped by that beaming smile (and hey, I’d have that smile too if my significant other brought me fries at work too!) is enough to knock you dead. Not to mention her vibrant bouquet! I’m so glad that she opted for two locations with vibrant green backdrops to compliment her chosen wedding colors.

You have to hear these cute things she said about her Groom Patrick!

What are 5 things about your Groom that make you smile, get butterflies in your stomach, laugh, get excited for your life together and that you can’t live without? Etc.

When he brings me random flowers, when we are walking hand in hand and he randomly spins/twirls me as if we were just dancing, when he ‘boops’ my nose, when he                        randomly sticks his tongue out at me, when he brings me French fries while I’m at work and shows off to my coworkers.

In your eyes, what makes your soon to be husband the most amazing man in the world and why are you choosing to marry him, be his wife and best friend for the rest of your lives and beyond?

He is my best friend. He supports me and whatever I want to do. He doesn’t criticize me or bring me down. He tries to make me happy anyway possible. We can be super                     weird together and that’s okay. He loves me for who I am, and I love him for who he is.

I love when I read these things from my couples! Here at McKenna Rose Photography we love and value wedding planning, but its marriage planning that needs some attention and starting a marriage as friends who love each other the way you are is a beautiful foundation! Geena, you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Thank you for allowing me to capture those giddy, in-love smiles. I hope you cherish them forever. So grateful I got to be their wedding photographer!