Alpine Art Center | Wedding Day | Gus + Nancy

It was such a treat to be a part of Gus and Nancy’s wedding in Salt Lake City this past spring. Their whole day was so cheerful! From the bright orange and yellow decorations, to the smile that never left Nancy’s face, to the grooving on the dance floor – it was obvious that this was a day of celebration for all of them – husband and wife, children, and friends and family alike!

These two met at work, and now they share an inside joke: While walking to walk, Nancy’s heels kept getting stuck in the grass! This always made them laugh, and eventually inspired Gus to ask Nancy out on their first date. Gus knew it was going to work out between the two of them after they had such a great time together. They love hanging out with friends together, listening to ANY kind of music, and cheering each other up by making funny faces together.

After they said their vows to one another, they did a special sand ceremony. Each of them holds their own glass of sand, and together they pour their own sand into a new, shared vase. What once was separated, becomes whole and now cannot be taken apart. Just as it would be impossible to try to sift their sand back into separate jars again, it is now impossible to try to separate Gus and Nancy. They are now unified as one heart and one mind.

One of the things they said they are most excited about for their wedding day was simply getting to be a family together.  After spending the day with the two of them and those that mean the most to them, it is obvious just how much their family and friends mean to them. They sent their guests home with favors claiming “The Best Day Ever!” and for these two, it truly was!

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