Kaysville Botanical Gardens Turning 12 Pictures | Daughter C

WHO: My Stepdaughter WHERE: Kaysville Botanical Garden (USU Botanical Gardens) WHEN: May 2020 When I got married I not only became a wife but I instantly became a stepmom. I already knew my step kids fairly well from dating their dad for 2 years but I had a distinct change when I became their stepmom. Over the years it hasn’t always been easy but today I am beyond grateful to say I have a wonderful connection and relationship with my stepdaughter. When COVID hit and changed everything about our lives my sweet stepdaughter was so sad that her 12-year-old birthday was going to be nothing like she wanted. I thought to help her see how amazing she is and how special turning 12 really is we could do a fun photo shoot. Wow was this fun. We took a feather boa and did silly things, she had a sequin dress her mom had bought her that she felt gorgeous in, and then to add even more fun to our shoot we had her try on some of my old theater costumes and props. The Kaysville Botanical Gardens were stunning. The blossoms were in full bloom and made for a perfect backdrop to celebrate this special birthday.  

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