Memorial Park, Provo | Utah Proposal | Lisa & Sean

Who doesn’t love a good story where the heroine gets what she has been waiting patiently and beautifully for? The story of Lisa and Sean is rich and beautiful! I count myself extremely lucky to know them and be a small part of their story.

I met Lisa at a bridal show in the fall. When she stopped at my booth I immediately loved this girl! She was so fun, had the cutest glasses and I just seemed like a fun, down to earth girl. She told me then that her sweetheart Sean hadn’t proposed but she was hoping for a January wedding so the ring should be coming soon. After she walked away I wrote her name down and took a mental note that I wanted to for sure reach out to her after the show, even just to be friends.

I did reach out to her and we exchanged emails and a few texts of the next few months, mostly about how she was STILL waiting for her boyfriend to propose but that she didn’t want to push him. January came and went and there was still no ring. Then came this beautiful day in April when I got a message that the ring was coming! Over those past few months they had talked more seriously, started going house hunting and ordered a ring. Lisa was so excited and so was I, almost as much as her! Because we had become friends along the way she wanted to book me for her wedding day, which truly was the biggest compliment! We had a little FaceTime phone chat and I finally got to meet this infamous Sean that she loved so much. After our phone chat it all made sense. He was for sure a keeper and the way he loved and looked at Lisa was the real stuff! So we scheduled a date for our engagements.

Well about a week before the engagements Lisa still didn’t have a ring on her finger. The nerves were going crazy because she wanted to have a ring for her engagement photos. I decided to just take a tiny step into the details and text Sean. He let me know that he didn’t have the ring like the jeweler had told him he would and he was a little nervous too. I assured them both that we would be just fine even if we didn’t have rings, we would make it work and they would still love their photos. I also text Sean and told him to tell me when the ring came in because I would LOVE to gift them their proposal being photographed, indiscreetly. Two days before our scheduled engagement shoot, Sean text me and said the ring had arrived and he wanted to propose at a park near their new home to be. I was ecstatic and knew Lisa would be so excited!

Sean planned this sweet picnic in the park and had his friends ready to help him with the proposal. Besides the weather not cooperating and being super windy and a little rainy, the whole thing worked out so great and Lisa was just so happy to have a ring on her finger!!!

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