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There was a funny theme that ran through all the pre-wedding day photo moments for Lisa and Sean – rain. We considered rescheduling but the weather report wasn’t scary enough so we decided to keep things as planned. When we showed up at the castle it was a beautiful day and the sky didn’t look like rain at all! We found beautiful blossoms and Lisa’s perfectly stylish red shoes matched Seans Super Man socks perfectly!

We made it all the way to the orchard and then the rain began. We ran to Seans car and hung out till the rain let up. As much as rain can cause such an inconvenience during a shoot, I kinda love the way it cleans/clears the air and makes things feel so crisp and fresh. Luckily we had no other issues the rest of the shoot.

Sean and Lisa have one of the best love stories of all time. You should go read the proposal blog post to get the beginning of their beautiful journey.

Lets hear from Lisa and Sean though, how they met and some other cute antidotes 🙂


Lisa: Back in May I had matched with Sean on Mutual and sent him a message but he didn’t respond (he was busy dating another girl at the time). I had decided I was ready to get back to dating and well, I’m not afraid to go after what I want. A friend suggested Bumble, it was all about the girl taking control, I felt pretty good about that, I knew how to do that. I came across Sean again and of course swiped on him. We matched and I sent him a message about his comment in his profile about his addiction to Dr. Pepper. It all started with Dr. Pepper. I knew he was a good man. He responded to the match and we started messaging. We were actually like having a conversation, not just like a one word response. I didn’t go out with anyone else from Bumble and my days of dating apps ended after my first date with Sean. We started dating end of July, got engaged end of April and will be getting married end of June.

Sean: We first started talking on the dating app “Bumble”. Initially I thought Lisa was a little scandalous. It was midnight and she wanted to come over to watch a movie and cuddle. I totally thought she wanted to “Netflix and Chill”. We first laid eyes on each other at my front door of my apartment in Provo. I was pleasantly surprised she didn’t catfish me, and was impressed at how attractive she was. All I thought was “Wow!”. We talked through the entire movie, “The Rundown”, because to be honest, there were more interesting subjects in the room. We’ve since been dating for 10 months, and by the time we are married we will have known each other for a year.




Lisa: We had been messaging and Sean said we should go on a date before we didn’t have anything else to talk about, ha little did he know who he was talking to. I gave him my number and I received a text. I had worked a 16 hour day but really wanted to meet him. I wanted to cuddle with this cute boy I had been talking to. I was so sweaty from being outside all day for work. I went home quick showered put on a tiny bit of makeup and went over with wet hair (I guess from the beginning felt comfortable around him, because normally I wouldn’t have gone out without my hair and makeup done and dolled up). I don’t remember it being awkward at all. I felt like we meshed quickly and started telling each other about our lives. Sean was very vulnerable with me, a quality I hadn’t seen in guys I previously dated and was super impressed. I thought, this quiet, kinda shy guy feels comfortable enough and trusts me to tell me deep stuff about his life. I’m pretty sure we stayed up talking for like 5 hours. Needless to say I think I got 2 hours of sleep before I had to be back at work, but it was totally worth it. The rest is history from there. We saw each other everyday after that.

Sean: Our first date we watched a movie and just talked for a long time. I remember we both kind of just spilled our guts to each other and talked really deep about ourselves and our issues.




Lisa: We had gone and designed my ring the beginning of April and they said it would be done in 2 weeks. Living in Utah County and it being “wedding season” in Provo I knew we had to start planning quickly. We set our date and I arranged for engagements the last week of the month, figuring that gave him at least a week to propose. My ring didn’t come in on time. I was starting to get paranoid. I didn’t have a ring, but we had pictures. McKenna our photographer had talked to him and Sean had told her the ring hadn’t come in. She shared this detail with me to calm my nerves that he wasn’t just not proposing. Sean doesn’t plan things, that’s me. He doesn’t like to have plans and I like plans. So when I got a text about a specific date for a picnic after we did our home inspection I knew something was up. He planned out all the details of what we would have and said he needed to go home and get it after so it wasn’t sitting in his car etc. While at the house his friend Kip called him and he walked away to talk. After the house, I went home and he was supposed to come to pick me up. He seemed a bit nervous. I was excited about a picnic, I think they’re cute and it was sweet thinking of our future together. We were buying a house just down the road from this park and it could be where we bring our kids to play. We started making our sandwiches when I saw this photographer taking pictures of friends playing volleyball, seemed suspicious to me and then I caught her taking one of us. Inside I was super happy that he had gotten a photographer, I had gotten my nails done the day before and my only other wish was that he asked my dad for his blessing (which he did). The wind started to blow and he stood up to grab the napkin and I saw the box in his coat. It was getting windy so we started to pack up. We were walking back to the car and in my head, I thought hmm ok I thought he was going to propose. He grabbed the bags from my hand, put them down on the ground. He was nervous and said I don’t know how to do this and hugged me. He was a little emotional and then he knelt down. I started to cry too. He said Lisa, I love you. Will you Marry me? I, of course, said Yes! I kissed him and then we stood up and looked over and his friends were there with signs says Will you Marry me, Lisa? He put my ring on me and it was prettier than I imagined it would be. It sparkled so much. I just kept staring at it and saying to Sean, We are getting married! Can you believe it? We really are getting married.

Sean: I was trying to be inconspicuous but it wasn’t working at all. Lisa knew since the moment I began making plans what was about to go down. I asked her the day before if she wanted to go on a date and have a picnic. I’m pretty sure she knew right away because I rarely make plans that far in advance. I proposed to her at Memorial Park in Provo. We had a short picnic that was cut short because it started getting windy and began to rain. As we stood up to leave I instantly just fell apart. I was so nervous I didn’t even wait for her to see my friends standing behind us with a “Marry Me Lisa” sign. I remember saying “I don’t know how to do this”, and then I knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Despite my awful delivery, thankfully she still said “Yes!”.

There you have it folks, the cutest, sweetest, most genuinely in love couple ever right?? Can you see why I was SO excited they hired me as their photographer. #Ihavethebestclientsever


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