Red Butte Garden | Engagements | Elton and Mina

Mina and Elton are two people after my own heart because they value the gorgeous-ness of nature. They chose to have their wedding at Red Butte Garden AND take engagements there, knowing that different seasons, well look different. I was so excited because Red Butte Garden does a fantastic job of keeping their grounds beautifully manicured while still looking natural! I was stoked!

When they arrived and I saw Mina in her gorgeous dress and Elton looking SU-A-VE! I knew it was gonna be a perfect day for engagement photos. I had so much fun just letting these two be themselves. We did some basic posing and they added life to everything I asked them to do. You could tell these two didn’t just love each other but were deep and loving friends! With that extra special spark of course!

Spring engagements are so fun because the season matches the season of the couple’s life. It’s new to be engaged and you’re about to start anew by becoming husband and wife. I couldn’t have chosen a better location myself and I will forever be head over heels for these two love birds!

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