Saltair Salt Flats | Engagements | Lehi + Kathleen

Kathleen and Lehi are one of those high school sweethearts with a love story we all swoon over! These two have actually known each other even before high school – since they were ten years old! They grew up together, and attended the same ward. Lehi first asked Kathleen to his homecoming dance during his sophomore year of high school. A week before the dance, Kathleen ended up tearing her ACL during a volleyball game. She didn’t want to go to the dance in a knee brace, but she especially didn’t want to bail on Lehi! So she sucked it up and went to the dance in a brace! Everything turned out fine, and they had such a fun night together. However, it wasn’t until Kathleen’s senior year and Lehi’s junior year of high school that they decided to make things “official.”

After high school they attended colleges in different states. They dated on and off for a couple of years. They both served LDS missions – Lehi to Fiji and Kathleen to the Philippians. After they got home from their mission they were both dating other people. Kathleen says, “Those relationships obviously didn’t work out. And that’s TOTALLY fine because we are so SO happy together!”

Lehi proposed to Kathleen at Leatherby’s on her birthday. She had no clue it was going to happen was totally surprised! After he popped the question, their families rushed to the window they were sitting next to with posters that said things like, “Say yes!” and “Congrats!” It was the cutest idea and best kept secret ever!

For their engagement session, we started off at a park, just to get a little variety, but these two were most excited to shoot at the Salt Flats. All their images turned out so gorgeous! My favorite part about their session was Lehi and Kathleen’s ability to just be themselves in front of the camera! They were dancing, laughing, joking, and just enjoying their time together as a newly engaged couple! I love these two so much!

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