Squaw Peak, Provo Canyon | First Look Bridal Photos | Lisa & Sean

Ready for a story??? My wonderful bride wanted mountains & wild flowers. It was right after spring flowers had bloomed & gone & the mountain blooms had not begun. Finally (with help) I found the perfect location! Squaw peak! Bride happy? – check.

Then it began to rain. I saw the rain cloud and I thought, the weather report said it wouldn’t be raining till we would be done here (#bonustip DON’T TRUST THE WEATHER REPORT) so I ran to my car and grabbed my cute clear umbrellas for a perfect ‘in the moment’ shot for memories. Then I figured we all (couple, me and videographer) would just wait out the sprinkles.

Ha! Ladies and gents, that little cloud of rain flutters turned into HAIL! Once the rain and wind got so bad that the umbrellas weren’t keeping us dry and we realized hail was pelting us we ran back (in the muddy trail) to the car. By the time we all got into the car Brides dress was soaked with puddles of hail throughout her gorgeous skirt, hair no longer curled, grooms jacket was a deeper new color of blue due to being soaked and I had mud up to my knees. We sat in the car discussing what to do. We hadn’t had more than 15 to 20 minutes out there and we didn’t get nearly the photo variety we were hoping for.

SO… though the groom was ready to plow through photos in our disheveled state he turned and looked at his bride in the back seat and read the disappointment on her face and in true gentleman fashion agreed to reschedule the shoot for another day.

The 2nd day we STILL had to race the rain BUT we moved fast and we got some gorgeous shots with more mountains, rustic fence and beautiful wildflowers PLUS some other fun shots. All in all the lesson we (well I) learned is when it starts to rain and you’re in a wedding dress GET BACK IN THE CAR!!

I should also explain that Lisa is one of the most considerate and thoughtful people I have ever met. She knows how much Sean loves Super Man so she got him super man cuff links. She knows her father loves gun magazines so she wanted to pose with Seans gun just for her Dad. She really thought of everything!

Ok now for the good stuff – lets hear from the Bride and Groom!

What is your favorite thing to do together and what is your favorite thing about each other?


Lisa: Most of our dating we both have been in school so homework has been our life. We do love to watch documentaries together and relax. I mean we do love food too. Mooyah’s is one of our favorite places to go to get the best sweet potato fries and milkshakes in the tri-state area (and he’s from Cali home of In-N-Out, so just saying). One of my favorite things about Sean is his tenderness. He’s definitely manly, but the way he looks at me, touches me and cares for me is very gentle and loving. Nothing more attractive in a man than that. Sean is definitely my calm in the storm. Just being with him calms me down after a stressful day or makes me feel better when I’m sick. Sean is a genuinely kind person and super funny. He’s pretty shy until you get to know him and then you really see how funny he is. He is always making me laugh. Children LOVE Sean! They all want to hang out with him, even my own nephew chooses Sean over me. (Secretly I love it because it makes me so happy they love him so much)

Sean: I would say our favorite thing to do together is to relax and watch a show together. The thing I love most about Lisa is that she makes me want to be a better person.


What are some funny memories you have together?

Lisa: One time we were at Mooyah’s and fighting was on TV. I told him how grateful I was that he wasn’t one of those guys who would go beat someone up. He said ya I could (defending his manliness, which I definitely think he’s manly and could beat someone up, but is heart is much bigger). I said no, babe you couldn’t hurt a fly. He quickly responded with well I’ve killed a lot of spiders and they eat flies so there’s that.

Sean: Lisa prides herself that she has never farted in front of me. She can deny it as much as she wants but she’s farted in her sleep on multiple occasions.


Do you guys have any couple quotes? Cute nicknames for each other? If your friends were to tell me a random detail about you as a couple, what would they say?

Lisa: We don’t have any crazy names for each other. I often call him Babe and he calls me My Love or My Dearest.
I think the thing I hear most from my friends is how happy they can see that I am being with Sean.

Sean: My love, my dearest, my foxy lady, babe. I don’t trust my friends to say anything true about myself haha.

Just wait till you see their wedding day photos!



Vendor Credits:
MUA – Yulia Wilcox yulia_wilcox_pro
Rings – Forget Jewelry @forgejerelryworks & Enso Rings @ensorings
Hair – Extensions by @aledoeshair
Florist – Carol Kingston
Grooms Attire – Mens Warehouse
Superman Cuff Links – Amazon
Groomsmen Ties – Kraft2Kotton1Korner
Wonder Woman Bracelets – @alexandani