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I truly feel like the luckiest photographer in the world. Every single one of my couples I easily find so many reasons to love them and after just one phone call I usually want to be best friends. I end up being friends with all of my couples but there are a few select couples who I really really click and connect with. Last year, Alyssa and Aaron were this couple. I believe they found me just from googling around and Alyssa’s mom contacted me first. We scheduled a phone consultation and after 5 minutes I wanted to beg them to hire me.

Aaron and Alyssa are the type of people who just ooze love and acceptance with a whole lot of fun on top of that. Aaron is one of the most ambitious and smart business minded persons I know and Alyssa is spunky, confident and has a huge heart.

They met in Logan UT in a hot tub. You know a girl is confident when she meets her future husband in a hot tub. They lived in the same apartment complex and after enough encounters they steadily became friends. One random night after the hot tub routine they went on a spontaneous night high and fast forward and now they are married. They both remember holding hands on their first date and feeling like a couple already.

When I asked them what they loved about each other this is what they each told me:

Alyssa said, “I like his money. Just kidding, I love that we can talk for hours on end. I love how patient he is with me and that he enables my soda addictions” – I told you this girl was fun and full of personality.
Aaron said, “I love that she can always make me smile and that I can talk to her about anything and that we make each other laugh a lot.” – all important things to take into a marriage Aaron, good job picking this gal.

Well for their engagements they chose Tibblefork Reservoir for their location. It was just barely spring so we still had snow covering the entire reservoir and in patches around on the ground. These two were so steamy with their connection though you would have never known that it was cold outside.

My personal favorite part about this engagement session was how willing they were to play my silly ‘games’. When I said ‘bump hips and try to knock each other over’ they both went all out with this task. When I said ‘act like you’re kids on the playground and create a secret handshake with 5 steps not using your hands’ they weren’t afraid. Engagements are so much fun because it really is the time to show the personality of the couple. How you make each other laugh, silly little things you always do to each other or maybe even re-creating the proposal moment. No matter who the couple is, Engagements are worth hiring a professional photographer for because these are the photos you will keep hanging in your house till kids come along.

After Alyssa herself went through the process of planning her wedding she decided to try and help future brides with their planning process. She created an AMAZINGLY awesome website where you can see so many amazing wedding vendors all in on one website. Go visit The Bride Guide


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