For Anyone: Top 15 DIY Photo Gifts

I am a huge believer in not only TAKING pictures with your family and loved ones (I mean, I’m a photographer. Of course I’m going to say this), but also PRINTING your photos!! Get those beautiful images – that you worked hard for and bought coordinating outfits for and convinced the husband and bribed the kids for – and SHOW. THEM. OFF.

And you know what, I’m not just talking about the perfectly posed and planned for photo sessions either. I’m also talking about getting those pictures off your cell phone, ipad, digital camera, whatever it may be – and getting them displayed! Share those photos! Because, honestly, what is the point of taking them if we never enjoy them again after the shutter has clicked?

There are so many holidays throughout the year that everyone needs good ideas for – and PHOTOS are the gift that keep on giving! Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and, yes, of course Christmas! Now, I know everyone loves sending and receiving family Christmas cards during the holidays. Those are a great way to keep extended family and faraway friends up to date with how big everyone is getting. But today I want to share a few fun, unique ways you can share your photos with family members as gifts. In ways that are a little “outside the box” of just printing off some 4×6’s and sending them off.

Here are some of the easiest DIY Photo gifts on the internet!!

1. United States Photo Map

Are you guys big travelers? Do you have tons of photos from road trips taken, adventures had, mountains hiked, or oceans swam? One fun way to display your trips is with a map! Cut out your photos in the shape of each state you’ve visited together, with a photo from that trip! This idea comes from Cut, Craft, Create, and you can read the full directions here!

2. Wood Photo Transfer

I love this simple way of displaying a photo! You don’t need a frame, and it makes such a great centerpiece or statement piece. Super simple, fast, and it only requires a few supplies! Directions can be found at The Crazy Craft Lady.

3. Glass Photo Transfer

Another great idea for transferring your photos onto a unique surface is onto glass! This could be used with a window display, a mirror, a decorative jar, or a candle holder, which is what The Crazy Craft Lady demonstrates on her blog here. 

4. Polaroid Photo Coasters

These Polaroid photo coasters are SO adorable, and so simple to make! See the full tutorial on One Good Thing here.

5. Candle Photo Transfer

Put your image right onto a candle!! Decorate the house and make it smell good! This one comes from Evite.

6. Photo Keychain

These adorable photo keychains from Stay at Home Artist are calling my name! I want to make one for myself! But I also know Grandma would love one, too 🙂

7. Personalized Wine Glasses

I thought this idea from Brit + Co was super unique, and something I’d never seen done before! This could be a great gift for a bride or best friend!

8. Popsicle Stick Bracelettes

Okay, so maybe these bracelettes from It’s Always Autumn might be a good gift for small children in your life, but aren’t they adorable? I’ll admit, I would totally wear them!! I think my kids would enjoy making AND wearing these. Maybe your kids could make these as gifts for their own friends!

9. Photo Magnets

There are lots of ideas for displaying your photos as magnets, but using Upcycled Mason Jar lids is my favorite!

10. Photo Pendant

These DIY photo pendants from Sweet Treats by Sarah remind me of old-fashioned lockets, and I just can’t get enough of them. You could make a bunch and just display them, or you can pick your favorite and wear it close to your heart. These could also be used as a way to display a small photo on a bride’s bouquet!

11. IPhone Case

What’s the one thing you look at every day…several times a day…several times an hour….ALL. THE. TIME?! That’s right, your phone. Might as well make it pretty to look at and include a photo that reminds you of those you love most! The blog If I Can, You Can! has a great tutorial!

12. Rock Photo Holders

This gift is a great way to display those prints or even Christmas cards 😉 You can have your kids paint and decorate the rocks, and then – super simple – just add the wire! Here’s the full tutorial from One Little Project.

13. Christmas Ornaments

Classic, right? But you really can’t go wrong with giving a photo Christmas ornament as a gift! Here is a great 10 Minute Tutorial from Simple as That.

14. Photo Clock

I think this one would really make a statement in any home! What a great way to display a favorite photo and be useful!! Such a fun idea from Rosy Red Buttons.

15. Photo Lampshade

I saved the best for last. I don’t know why, but this one is just a really eye-catching piece to me! I think it’s a great conversation starter and fun addition to any living room! Get the scope over at Million Moments.



See just how fun it can be to give unique photo gifts? It doesn’t just have to be a regular old 8×10 in a frame! You can display your photos in fun, unique ways that also add value and purpose to your home and artwork! Anyone receiving one of these homemade gifts from you will likely treasure and cherish them so much more than anything you could have found at a store!