What Kind of Couples LOVE working with MRP

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I am the perfect wedding photographer for EVERY couple out there – or even every couple in Utah! I am being honest when I say that I want you to 100% LOVE your wedding photographer. In most cases, you will be with ME more on your wedding day than you will be with your spouse! So that means it’s vital that we get along, we communicate well, and we share the same vision. Sometimes people claim “opposites attract,” but I really feel what is more accurate is that we attract people who are like us! So naturally, I am going to work best with couples that have similar values as I do! There is not just one kind of “perfect” Mckenna Rose Bride or Groom, but there are definitely a few things that my couples tend to have in common with each other!

The M.Rose Bride

She’s a romantic.

MRP Brides tend to feel that their love is special. They don’t take for granted how amazing and special it is to have found their one true love. They are willing to fight for their love, their relationship, their marriage.

She’s fun.

The ideal Mckenna Rose Bride is positive, confident, and FUN. Together, my couples love to laugh, be silly, and joke together, and my kinda groom always knows just what to say to make his bride laugh, even during portrait time.

She’s cheerful.

My MRP brides are almost always found smiling, and their grooms realize that makes them some of the luckiest men in the world!

The M. Rose Groom

He’s observant.

He tends to notice the little things, such as a cute nose wrinkle, her favorite way to wear her hair, the freckles on her cheeks. He’s not afraid to point out these sweet details and tell her how much he adores them.

He’s a (closet) romantic, too.

To my MRP grooms: I won’t let out the secret that you’re just as much of a romantic as she is. MRP grooms are also fiercely loyal to honoring their future wife as the queen of his heart! He too fights for love, and will protect ALL those he loves.

He’s kind.

My Mckenna Rose Grooms are lighthearted and fun, masculine and humorous. But above all that, they are kind. Also, he’s great at making his wife’s heart skip a beat with just one glance.

The M. Rose Couple

When it comes to their wedding photos, M. Rose Couples envision meangingful, timeless images that will still be beautiufl 50+ years from now. They are happy people, so they love bright, happy photos that are rich with color! Beautiful lighting & simplicity help highlight the sweetness between every flirty glance and smile. For them, a tender moment captured candidly will far outweigh a perfectly posed shot, any day.   M Rose couples want to remember every emotion throughout the entire wedding process, so that means their photos aren’t just sitting and hiding on a thumb drive or an online link. Instead, their photos are displayed on their walls, desks, and even keychains 😀   These are just some of the many amazing qualities that my MRP brides, grooms, and couples have continued to show me in the past few years. These are the characteristics that not only help us achieve beautiful images, but create a lasting, fun experience on your wedding day! PS MRP couples LOVE to tell their love story through the details they incorporate in their wedding day. Read more about that here! They also LOVE when family portraits are pain-free and fast….find out how here!