For Brides and Grooms: Why Details Matter on Your Wedding Day

Why Details Matter on Your Wedding Day

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with planning a wedding. There are so many “big picture” items you have to think about: food, location, the ceremony, vendors, deadlines, deposits, the list goes on! These things are all SO important and deserve a portion of your attention to ensuring they all get booked and taken care of! But what I wan to talk about today is what makes a wedding day unique to my couples. Anyone can book so and so as a DJ or hey! Mckenna Rose Photography to capture it all 🙂 But what is going to make your wedding day different from any other couple’s is, of course…..YOU! Your love story, your quirks, your favorite things to do together.

For me, it is less about photographing the “perfect place-setting” or over-the-top florals – though those things are beautiful and worthy! – and more about making sure I capture who my clients are at the heart of it all. That my couples feel like themselves on their wedding day! That their celebration is reflective of their personalities!

I love it when my couples use the DETAILS to tell the story of their love to their family, their guests, and ultimately to their future kids who will one day look at all these photos with delight! There are so many ways that you can incorporate your personality into your wedding day, and I want to share a few of my recent favorites. It can be so much more than something old or new or borrowed or blue! From gifts for your parents or wedding party, to the cake topper, favorite food being served – whatever it may be, I LOVE to work with couples who care about and have put thought into their wedding day details!

Ryan and Breanne

These two LOVE books and are self-proclaimed nerds They love Star Wars – hence their cute cake topper – and the decor was focused on some of their favorite books. This allowed guests to appreciate that Ryan and Breanne can share their love for all things nerdy now that they found one another!

Ciarin and Jordan

Ciarian decided to make sure her bouquet held special meaning, especially since she knew it would be one thing that would be close to her all day long. She had some stones hanging from her bouquet that were very special to her. Ciarin and Jordan also decided to include some one special in their wedding day: their pup! It’s their wedding – they can invite who they want!

Kaylee and Craig

Kaylee and Craig’s theme throughout their engagement was the movie UP! They felt very similar to the sweet couple from that movie. They did bridals at the UP House and their reception decor was very “UP themed,” with lots of details that were special to the movie.

Kimberly and Andrew

These guys were so creative. They invited only those who were really special to them in their life and wanted everyone there to be apart of the building of their foundation. So they chose to purchase mini cinder blocks and asked everyone to write their name on a block. They wanted to use the cinder blocks to create a structure to keep as a momento and reminder. They are very spiritual as well. During the ceremony, it was explained that they wanted Jesus as the cornerstone to their marriage. So they had a stone with Jesus’s name on it that was a bit bigger. They talked about how they weren’t THE ONE for each other because The One for them was Christ and that with him they would be connected always. It was super unique and adorable.

Kathleen and Lehi

This was a Polynesian wedding so of course we got to enjoy all the traditional customs, details, and food that were special to their culture. Dancing, haku leis, flower crowns – or Lei Po’o. Making sure you include special cultural traditions and practices is of course important, and will help tell the story of what makes you, you!


Charlie and Tyler

Charlene took the traditional idea of “something borrowed,” and made it even more memorable for her: she put a sixpence in her shoe when she went down the aisle. It belonged to a relative of hers, and she was able to think of them whenever she felt it in her shoe.

Shanni and Matt

Matt is obsessed with coke! His friends even brought him some when he came out of the temple. So naturally we spent the whole day capturing random photos with a coke bottle in them, even the exit has a photo of someone holding the coke bottle up. It was a funny awesome detail that the couple looovved!

These are just a few of the fun ways that some of my couples have brought THEIR LOVE STORY to the wedding day! By weaving small details into the ceremony, the reception, the photos, and the decor, you allow your wedding to become something completely unique to you both! Some questions to think about as you consider ways to incorporate special details into your wedding day!
What do you both love to do together?
Is there a fun story to how you met/how he proposed/how you knew the other person was “the one”?
What are some of your shared hobbies/interests?
Do either of you come from a different culture and want to include some of your cultural traditions?
How do you guys have FUN?
Is there anyone in your family you would like to honor on your wedding day – deceased or living?
When you think about looking back on your wedding day 20 years from now, what do you want to remember the most?