wedding photographer salt lake city, ut

Authentically dedicated to capturing your meaningful moments


My style is timeless, rich with colors and filled with your real-life moments!

Treasures the little things

Its the little things that matter to us and its the magical details that tell YOUR unique love story! Let me help you remember every detail so in the years to come you can continue to treasure the little things. 

Personal experience

I believe beautiful, meaningful images stem from an amazing experience. Every couple deserves a photographer who feels like a friend, works as an seasoned professional and makes the entire process personalized to you and your fiance! 

With you at every turn

You deserve more than just  a photographer. MK Rose Couples receive prompt communication, fast turn around times, uplifting texts, customized packages, preparation resources and a photographer who cares about YOU and helping your wedding dreams (even the non-photo related ones) come true! 

Your photos should be 100% focused on you

Every exchange, photo shoot and interaction

Everyone wants the perfect wedding. Part of that is hiring professionals you can trust and depend on. Your photographer has the responsibility of capturing the entire wedding journey for you to remember for the next 50+ years. But a photographers job isn’t just capturing photos, I will create an experience you won’t want to forget, because getting to where the two of you are at now, is worth the attention!

My couples say it better than I ever could

Your wedding day